A Fence is much like a disability! With each limitation being link together it can seem to be an overwhelming barrier!

Each of US struggle with “fences” in our lives.  A “fence” is a real or imagined barrier that keeps us from doing certain things or believing in ourselves.  At birth I was faced with a fence called cerebral palsy.  Because of my lack of balance and muscle coordination I daily hit this barrier daily as I struggled with simple tasks such as feeding or dressing myself.  As I grew older, I was able to function better through the coaching and encouragement of those who took an interest in my life.  There were other fences I had to face as people would unknowingly discourage me through the comments they made about my condition.  Many times I felt like giving up when I couldn’t get past these physical, emotional and social barriers.  Even my own self-doubt hindered my development.  But today, I can look back at these fences in my life and see that they weren’t a curse but a blessing.  They gave me the determination to press on even harder to become who I knew I was created to be.  “Beyond the Fence” is a platform to help other people deal with the barriers and difficulties of their life.


on the other side of the fence PICTURE

Each of us possess the need to know that we are loved and accepted by those around us, no matter what fences we have in our life. My goal is to be able to encourage and coach people to go beyond the fence! Through the testimonies you read on this website, my hope is that you will be encouraged to become a person who not only feels good about themselves but one who has the ability to help others as well. You too can make a difference in your world as you discover how to go beyond the fence!


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