When A Smile Hands You The Answer!!!

It seems life will hand you the same problem to work through over and over until you realize it’s time to have fun with the problem! A few years ago I was walking through Target with a buddy of mine when I noticed these young kids out of the corner of my eye mocking the way I walk! So we continued walking and got what we needed to get. As we were standing in line waiting, I noticed these same kids were behind us! I guess a little of my dad came out in me that day, because I said with a smile, “I like the way you walk!” As my buddy and I were walking out to the car, my buddy turns to me and says “I liked the way you handled that!” Being positive through Grace will always help you solve life’s little problems!  


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4 responses to “When A Smile Hands You The Answer!!!

  1. Royce

    That’s why I’m proud to call you a friend ! Even if we don’t see each other!

  2. Stephanie

    You truly are wonderful and caring man. I’m so blessed to have you in my life!!

  3. Jane Hurttgam

    That’s awesome!!

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