Childhood Memory

As I sat in my little fishing chair with my eyes fixed on my little red and white fishing bobber, I notice everyone around me was catching fish! George, a friend of the family, shouted, “Robby, go find me a stick!” So I jumped up and started my search for that perfect and right stick. I walked and walked all over the bank of the lake when I heard, “Robby, YOU GOT ONE-YOU GOT ONE!” So I ran as fast as my little cripple legs would allow me to. I picked up my reel-less pole and started running up the bank to catch my first fish of the day! Years later, I was talking to my mom about that fishing trip, and then she filled me in with the true story, “Do you know George put that fish on your line?” I replied, “NOOOOO!” The moral of the story, Sometimes in life there is someone working behind the scene that is pulling the strings to put a smile on your face!

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