Robert2 017In January of 1963,  Rob was born the second of twin in Pacoima, California.  Due to complications at birth he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  He moved with his family at the age 14 to Visalia California.  In his younger years he battled about being and treated different than most kids his age.  As he got older he realized people are people and he really couldn’t change the mindset of most people so he decided the best thing is to brush off all the negativity he was experiencing.

FIREBIRDRob has beaten the odd of all those opinions that were cast over his boyhood days and caught most of his dreams.   He found how to embrace his disability and had the opportunity to break down barriers that society placed in front of him.  He graduated from high school and then college.  He got his drivers license’s at the age of 19,  He even held down a full time job for many years.

Now Rob’s desires are to touch the community where he once stood many years ago andWORK GAS PUMPS seek-out a younger Rob.  His main message is to put all those negative opinions in your back pocket and watch life let them fall out.  You see, Rob believes most life’s barriers are created from mans opinions.

Feel free to give input if you enjoy one of Rob’s blogs.  Hope you have a great day and remember, Your Success Starts with YOU!!!


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6 responses to “About

  1. Jane

    Love your attitude and your state of mind!!

  2. Jane

    Rob, I love how you integrated the pictures with your story. I also like your fence analogy. It works!!!!

  3. Patsy Ezzell Sanders

    Hey My friend. Great Blog!!. Keep being a positive in a world where there is so much negative.

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